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Lobby Guard

WCSD Visitors

The new policy of our school district is for ALL visitors to sign-in to the building via the LobbyGuard Visitor Management System.  You will be required to scan your driver's license as part of the process.  The system does NOT save your personal license information.  You will need to bring your license with you each time you visit.  If you do not have a driver's license, you should bring another valid photo ID when visiting the school.

The Middle School's sign-in kiosk is located in the vestibule at the main (west) entrance and just outside of the office door.

After following the sign-in process, a visitors badge will be printed in the office.  At that time, the door will be unlocked so you may enter the building.  Please come to the office to get your badge.  It must be worn at all times while in the school property.

Any visitor not wearing a visitor badge will be escorted to the office and asked to leave the building.

Prior to leaving the school, all visitors must sign-out using the LobbyGuard system.  A bar code is printed at the bottom of the badge which can be scanned when leaving.

We hope you will find LobbyGuard a welcome addition to our continuing effort in providing the most secure learning environment for your child(ren) and our students