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Junior High Academic Support

Junior High Academic Support

Q: Where can I find current assignments to make sure my child is completing the work that needs to be done tonight?

A: The School Website

  • Assignments for reading, language, math, science, and social studies are posted daily (typically before noon) on the school website.  Below are directions to navigate you to the WJH homework page.
  • > Winterset Junior High > Students > Homework

Q: Where can I find out if my child is missing assignments?

A: Infinite Campus

  • While you need to go to the website to see today or yesterday’s assignments, Infinite Campus will tell you if your student is missing any old assignments.
  • 100% of our parents/guardians have Infinite Campus accounts!  Great job!
  • Parents at the JH, on average, log in to Infinite Campus once per week!

Q: What supports can I expect from the school in terms of homework, work completion, and holding my child accountable?

A1: Communication

  • If students are struggling, teachers will e-mail, send an IC message, or call.  We want to communicate what is going on and initiate supports to get students back on track.
  • If students are failing, you will receive an IC message on Friday of that week.

A2: Support during the school day

  • If students have a study hall, they may see available teachers during that time, meet with a peer tutor, or simply use study hall for independent work time.
  • Teachers are also available during homeroom on Wednesdays.  Students sign out of their homeroom classes, and go visit the teachers they need to see.
  • Teachers meet weekly on Thursdays as grade level teams to discuss student performance.
  • All students receive 25 extra minutes of literacy instruction 4 x per week.  

A3: Before/After school support

  • Teachers are available to students who would like some extra help before school from 7:30-8:00 and after school from 3:07-3:30.  Please make arrangements with a specific teacher ahead of time to be sure that she/he is not in a meeting that day.
  • If students need last minute help from a teacher, they may stop in the office first thing when they arrive in the morning. Ms. Kristi will check to see if the teacher is available.

I believe parents are their children’s first and best teachers. We want to work together to make sure all students are successful. If your student is experiencing any type of difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  I can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at 462-3336.