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WJHS Dress Code

With the arrival of warmer weather, we'd like to remind you that we do have a dress code at the JH. Please make sure what you wear is appropriate for school.


From the handbook: Dress Code

There is a strong connection between academic performance, students’ appearance and students’ conduct. Inappropriate student appearance may cause material and substantial disruption to the school environment or present a threat to the health and safety of students, employees and visitors on school grounds. Students are expected to adhere to reasonable levels of cleanliness and modesty. Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate to their age level and does not disrupt the school or educational environment. Reasonable levels of modesty and cleanliness are expected.

Students are prohibited from wearing:

Clothing advertising or promoting items illegal for use by minors including, but not limited to alcohol or tobacco

Shoes with cleats except for outdoor athletic practices, bare feet, shoes with wheels, bedroom slippers

Clothing displaying obscenity, profanity, vulgarity, racial and/or sexual remarks, making references to prohibited conduct or similar displays or that creates a disruptive educational environment

Clothing that exposes a midriff or cleavage or underwear; pants lower on the waist that exposes bare skin

Sunglasses, hats, bandanas, jackets and coats are generally not permitted to be worn in the building

Clothes or accessories deemed to be a safety issue such as excessive baggy pants, chains, long earrings, or dog collars

Girls may not wear spaghetti straps or tube tops with bare shoulders (beyond the elementary school)

Under certain circumstances or during certain classes or activities a stricter dress code may be appropriate, and students must comply with the stricter requirement

The principal makes the final determination of the appropriateness of the student’s appearance. Students inappropriately dressed are required to change their clothing or parents will be notified and the students will be sent home.